Our term dates

As you can see we run four ten weeks sessions across the three school terms. We invoice at the beginning of each ten-week session.  For details of session dates beyond July 2017 please contact us.

Invoice dates
Academic year 2016 – 2017:
Session 4 Monday 8th May 2017

Academic year 2017 – 2018:
Session 1 Monday 4th September 2017
Session 2 Monday 20th November 2017
Session 3 Monday 19th February 2018
Session 4 Monday 14th May 2018


1Term startsMonday 24th April
1Half termMonday 29th May - Sunday 4th June
1Term endsSaturday 29th July
1Bank holidayMonday 1st May - No classes


2Term startsMonday 4th September
2Half termMonday 23rd October - Sunday 29th October
2Term endsSaturday 17th December


3Term startsMonday 16th April
3Half termMonday 28th May - Sunday 3rd June
3Term endsSaturday 28th July